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What We Offer

Aarshey is on a mission to democratize education and skill development by utilizing state-of-the-art AI/ML solutions. Our platform is being designed to reach millions of people by offering them affordable quality skill enhancement by using technology and science-based assessment methodology that will help match the best courses with the specific needs of the users

Unlike others who offer off-the-shelf standardized learning solutions to all students, Our proprietary scientific assessment tool helps to identify the strengths and gap areas of each student and their learning styles. This input is then used by our AI/ML-based engine to curate a personalized learning plan for each individual student. Our one-on-one mentorship program further ensures that the student achieves the desired learning objectives within the set timelines.   

Why Choose Us

Scientific assessment & competency mapping

Outcome based learning plan

Personalized mentoring & guidance

Our Approach

Every lesson plan on AARSHEY has been designed as a dual approach of ‘Immersion Method’ and ‘Classroom Method’ so that our students speed up their progress and gain confidence

Adaptive & differentiated learning

Our platform is designed for adaptive learning, and personalizes the content & pacing of the curriculum to the existing knowledge base of the student. We present learning materials in ways that match every student’s individual learning style, from typical lectures to fun activities. Irrespective of the tools used for education, the learning goals are achieved for all. 

Asynchronous learning at an affordable cost

Our student centered platform is designed to reach millions of students and facilitate learning at an affordable cost. Our students can login from anywhere in the country and learn from the best faculty in the knowledge industry. For the first time in the Indian EdTech industry, we have developed an advanced Course Management System that keeps teachers & students organized with resources for classroom discussions, learning management, assignments and scheduling.

Enhance Your Potential With Our Courses