Vision Statement

To be the foremost confidence builder of the masses and enable them to realise their true potential through personalized, tech-driven training interventions and structured grooming programs.

To become a job-enabler for India’s masses through personalized, tech-driven training intervention and structured grooming programs.

Our Mission

We will enable 100 million Indians to realise their true potential and elevate their living standards by 2030

Core Values

Educate for success, not certificates: We believe in educating students to succeed in life, and their career. Every curriculum is designed to enhance their chosen proficiency and not just award a certificate of completion.

Analyze, Improve, Excel. Repeat ! We are creating an academic ecosystem where we continuously analyze the latest developments, improve our curriculum accordingly and excel in our delivery module. This is a never ending process.

Commitment to the Society: We are not in the business of education, but our endeavour is to play a part in nation building. We believe that every investment made by a student (whether time or money) should be reflected in an enhanced job prospect. Our goal is to prepare a large pool of skilled and confident individuals who can improve their economic and social well-being.

Life at Aarshey

Our educators are not employees, they are our associates (facilitators/ guruji/ …) working to help us achieve our mission. Together, we are building a knowledge ecosystem that will make India the largest talent pool in the world.

You can be a fresh graduate from college, a young mother wanting to restart your career or a retired professional wanting to give back to society – we have an opportunity for everyone. Send us your resume

Open Positions