Our Three Pillars

Currently, the online courses are marred by a cookie-cutter approach – a teaching model that believes one size fits all. Secondly, the learner doesn’t know his proficiency level & the right curriculum for his/ her learning requirement. They often end up choosing a course which is not adequate or suited to their needs and learning style.

Some of the progressive institutions use modern assessment tools to partially address these issues. But these are expensive and available only to the privileged few.

At Aarshey, we understand that every individual is unique and has different skill sets and aspirations in life. Therefore, we do not offer off-the-shelf standardized learning solution to our students. Our proprietary scientific assessment tool helps to identify the strengths and gap areas of each student and their learning styles. This input is then used by our AI/ML-based engine to curate a personalized learning plan for each individual student. Regular assessments, customization and one-on-one mentorship program further ensure that our students achieve the desired learning objectives within desired timelines.  (Through our proprietary assessment tools and advanced AI/ML, we are able to scientifically identify the intervention required for each student and offer them personalized learning plans.)

Competency Mapping

Our proprietary AI-enabled tool does a scientific assessment of each student and helps to identify key development areas. It also provides an insight into the learning behavior of the student which helps us offer a personalized learning plan using our AI/ML engine

Outcome Based Learning

At AARSHEY, we emphasize on teaching students what they are expected to know to become successful in their chosen career path. We upskill them and help them achieve the desired level of skills and competency. We measure academic progress on visible results rather than on inputs such as time spent in class or marks scored in the tests

Personalized Mentoring

We customize learning plans for each student as per their strengths, needs, skills, and interests. Each student gets a learning plan that’s based on what they already know and how they learn best. Every student is assigned a personal coach who guides and helps them succeed in their learning objectives